Multi-estate Platform

Security management solutions for residential communities, commercial and industrial units.

Real-time Collaboration

Facilitates real-time collaboration between estate management, users, visitors and service staff.

Value-added Services

Child Safety, Material Out Movement, Package Collection, Incident Management, Parking Correction


Security process improvements through complaints/feedback and reports and analytics dashboard.


Value Addition:

In today's world, gated communities, residential complexes, and industrial and corporate houses require complete solutions to manage the movement of people, packages, and vehicles. To meet these growing demands, RedRhino's comprehensive integrated security system automates access control and visitor management to streamline and regulate entry and exit of visitors, vendors, and parcel deliveries. This platform allows residents to invite visitors with real-time notifications, and keep track of their domestic staff and service agents' movements. It also includes features such as security staff duty roster and ID management, vehicle sticker management, and staff ID management. In addition to these essential security features, RedRhino also has advanced features such as child security and real-time panic situation handling."




Key Product Features

RedRhino, among many other services, provides the following key features to our customers in managing the security needs of their communities.

Visitor Management

Handles planned and unplanned visitors and service agents

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Security Staff Management

Manages security duty roster and attendance tracking

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Package Collection & Deliveries

Facilitates package collection at gate on resident’s behalf

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Incident & Panic Situation Management

Real-time response to panic situations and incident tracking

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Community Staff Tracking

Validates and tracks entry and exit of staff.

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Material Movement Management

Allows authorized materials outward movements

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Child Security

Detecting and controlling Child undesired exit at gate

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Parking correction Assistance

Reach out to vehicle owners in case of wrong parking

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